SMS and MMS messaging Gateway

With, clients can send Bulk SMS or MMS to a large number of destinations throughout the world, connecting to almost all GSM networks and even many non-GSM networks. Delivery reports and message concatenation are supported, as well as other forms of SMS such as WAP Push and various "Smart Messages".

The service is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Once submitted to the SMS Gateway, all messages will be sent out in seconds.

Bulk SMS can be sent without use of Operator Short Codes, a Virtual Mobile number, or hosted SIM Card. SMS messages can be sent via the Internet by making a standard HTTP request, although other technical interfaces are also available. offers connectivity to our SMS servers through a range of API interfaces including HTTP, SMPP and XML. Our API's are immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into all available global gateways.

Incoming messages (SMS-MO, MMS-MO)
It is possible to receive SMS through the gateway via a short code (5 or 6 digits, works only in one country) or long code (10 digits, including international prefix, works worldwide with any operator).

Long codes can be configured to receive traffic with a direct connection (large account, high throughput) to an Mobile Network Operator or with a Virtual SIM (low traffic).

Short or long codes can be shared (the same number is used by several companies, only messages addressed with specific keyword are forwarded) or dedicated (the number is used by one company, all the incoming messages are forwarded).

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